650mm 6-Hi Reversible Cold Rolling Mill Machine

650mm 6-Hi Reversible Cold Rolling Mill Machine

one. Brief Introduction 

This established of products by 650mmUCM six roller reversible chilly rolling mill as the use of versions this sort of technology is mature and secure, easy procedure, models when the rate is substantial, effortless to upkeep and administration the strip shape manage ability of higher, fulfill the specifications of the manufacturing facility of different uncooked supplies and merchandise varieties

2. technical data

one). Incoming specification

Materials:                                 SPCC, SPCD, pickling sizzling-rolled coil 08Al, ST12, DC01

Thickness:                              2.-four.0mm

Width:                                      300-550mm

Roll diameter :
ID:                                            Φ610mm

 OD:                                         Φ900mm -Φ1800 mm

Max roll bodyweight:                         nine t

two). output product specification

Thickness:                                 .eighteen-.5mm

Width:                                       three hundred-550mm

Roll diameter
 ID:                                             Φ610mm

OD:                                            Φ900mm- Φ1800mm

Max roll excess weight:                           9 t

three).Item precision:

Longitudinal thickness deviation±0.01mm

Form: the max allowable price of roughness is ≤20I

three. Major complex parameters 


* Mill specs:                          600/250/two hundred*650mm

  Max rolling pressure:                      400 t (Max)

* max rolling torque:                          M – 36KN

* stand upright publish area:             380mm x 300mm

* put on velocity:                                   18m/min

* rolling pace:                                  900m/min

* Decoil pressure:                                4 tons (Max)

* coiling stress:                                10 tons (Max)

* max speed:                                      900 m/min (Max)

* mill travel manner:                                work roll generate

four. Principal motor power 

Main motor:                                        800KW four hundred/1250r/min

* coiling motor:                                   450KW 400/1200r/min

Uncoiler motor:                                110KW 500/1000r/min * ebook

* unit exchange:                                  150kw

* yearly output of the device: the .5*550mm specification, the one excess weight of nine tons, an once-a-year output of 35000 tons


650mm 6-Hi Reversible Cold Rolling Mill Machine


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