Kingball Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine, Easy Bender Kcn-12532

Kingball Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine, Easy Bender Kcn-12532

KINGBALL hydraulic plate bending equipment, effortless bender KCN-12532
Product: KCN-12532
2 Axis CNC Manage(X, Y,)
X: Backgauge front and back      Y: Ram stroke    
W: Worktable crowning (optional)

Principal capabilities and attributes
one.Overall welded and processed framework.
two.Large mechanical toughness and robust rigidity.
three.Ram stroke hydraulic approaching downward, stable and reputable.
four.E21 can handle the motion of ram stroke and backgauge, reaching productive and extremely specific positioning.
5.Wedge compensation on best punch clamping.
six.Simplified best blades clamping with micro-adjustment wedges,for straightforward operation and higher precision.
seven.2 Sliding front sheet assistance arms mounted on to T slot of the mattress.
eight.Strong one block 4 confront multi V die.
9.Accredited steady and dependable hydraulics.
ten.Cease fingers with milscale for plate bending machine.

CZPT Parameters 

NO. Item Parameter Unit
1 Nominal pressure 1250 KN
two Desk length 3200 mm
3 Amongst columns 2600 mm
four Max.Shut top 400 mm
5 Max.Slider stroke one hundred fifty mm
6 Throat depth 320 mm
seven Main motor power 7.five KW
8 Down Velocity 100 mm/s
nine Pressing Velocity ten mm/s
ten Return Velocity 90 mm/s
11 Manage axis X+Y /
12 X axis Stroke 500 mm
thirteen Backgauge Stoppers 2 /
  Total dimension L 3700 mm
14 W 1800 mm
  H 2450 mm
15 Machine bodyweight 7200 kg

Backgauge with ball screw and round information 

Multifunction adjustment of the tightening wheel

Siemens main motor German brand name.    
Sunny pump United states of america manufacturer.
CZPT valve German manufacturer.

CZPTpean fashion rapid launch clamping      

The guideway use the brass, put on-resisting, lengthy support existence.

Pedal change with crisis quit, risk-free operation, the base with rollers simple to move.

The torsion bar is synchronized with the gear rack. ram down quickly, effortless to modify the two sides of the synchronization. The connector use dress in – resistant brass.

The stopper up and down by guide, shift left and correct on two linear guides,

Principal configuration

Title Producer
CNC controller E21 Estun       China Manufacturer
Main   motor Siemens         Germany  brand
CZPTal parts Schneider        France  brand
Gear  pump Sunny           USA  brand
Seal  ring NOK            Japan  brand
CZPT program Boschrexroth    Germany  brand
Ball screw ,CZPT manual HIWIN          ZheJiang  brand
Tubing connector EMB            Germany  Brand

E21 NC controller

Backgauge and block control
Control for general AC motors, frequency inverter CZPT positioning
Stock counter Holding/decompression time placing
Plan memory of up to 40 plans Up to twenty five actions for each program
1 side positioning Retract perform
One particular important backup/restore of parameters mm/inch
Chinese /English

The normal components are in the below:

  1. Anchor bolt
  2. Hex nut
  3. Seal ring
  4. Gasket
  5. Grease gun
  6. Allen wrench
  7. Foot swap
  8. Entrance assist arms
  9. CZPTal box key, control panel crucial
  10. Procedure manuals

Kingball Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine, Easy Bender Kcn-12532


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