Paper Phenolic Lamiante Sheet Board Plate

Paper Phenolic Lamiante Sheet Board Plate

This merchandise is manufactured of insulating paper impregnated with phenolic resin and is shaped by baking and very hot pressing. It has large mechanical and electrical houses.

# Medium hygrometric sensitivity
# Very good mechanical qualities
# Very good electrical qualities below humidity circumstances
# Very good punching follow at decrease temperature

# As components of insulation parts for motors with and electrical gear.
# It can also be used in the oil of transformer.

4.Main Technological CHARACTRISTICS

Products Unit PFCP201 PFCP202 PFCP203 PFCP206  PFCP207
Resistance to traction @ 20ºC, parallel MPa  90  100  90  —
Flexural strength @ 20ºC MPa  120  120  120  85 eighty five
Compressive energy @ 20ºC MPa  200
Resistance to influence (Charpy) KJ/m2  15  16. 15  —  —
Bonding power @20ºC N 3200
Dielectric energy, perpendicular KV/mm 12.1 fifteen.8 twelve.3
Dielectric toughness, parallel KV twenty. 060. twenty. 25. 10.
Relative permittivity @ 20ºC, 1MHz KV 5.five 5.five five.five 6.
Dielectric dissipation issue
@20ºC, 50Hz
  .05 .05 .05 .055
Insulating resistance   Ω 1. x 10seven five. x tenseven one. x 10nine
Thermal class ºC a hundred and twenty (E) 120 (E) 120 (E) a hundred and twenty (E) 120 (E)
Water absorption for
24 h
mg 1.6mm — 182 1.6mm — 180 two.0mm — a hundred ninety two.0mm — eighty two.0mm —
Distinct fat @ 20ºC g/cm3 one.thirty – 1.40 1.thirty-one.forty 1.thirty-one.forty one.thirty-1.40 one.30-one.40


Paper Phenolic Lamiante Sheet Board Plate


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