Hmdt Series Three-Phase Multispeed Induction Motor

Hmdt Series Three-Phase Multispeed Induction Motor

HMDT series three phase multispeed induction motor units from Y2 series motor, and it switches poles and output electrical power by transforming the joint manner of winding to matching to the load functionality of mechanical equipment. It conforms to IEC common on sound, starting torque, vibration worth and mounting and overall proportions. And the motors have qualities this sort of as small dimensions, light-weight, steady, firm composition, good physical appearance, and so on.

CZPT info:

HMDT collection a few section multispeed induction motor
Variety Poless Output Rated recent Effectiveness Power element Is/In Ts/Tn Tmax/Tn
HMDT801-4/two 1500/3000 .seventeen/.75 .65/1.86 sixty two/72 .62/.eighty two five.5/seven.5 1.four/2. 1.8
HMDT802-four/2 1500/3000 .twenty five/.ninety five .87/2.33 sixty six/74 .sixty five/.eighty one five.5/7.5 one.four/two. one.eight
TDT90S-4/2 1500/3000 .3/one.4 .eighty five/three.43 seventy three/seventy four .72/.82 five.5/7.5 one.4/two. 1.8
HMDT90L-4/2 1500/3000 .4/1.9 one.08/four.27 seventy four/77 .seventy three/.86 five.5/seven.five one.4/2. 1.8
HMDT100L1-4/two 1500/3000 .65/two.5 1.85/5.twenty five 74/eighty two .seventy two/.87 5.5/seven.five one.four/two. one.eight
HMDT100L2-4/two 1500/3000 .eight/ 2.17/6.39 seventy six/eighty two .72/.87 five.5/7.5 one.4/2. one.eight
HMDT112M-four/two 1500/3000 2.42/nine.fifteen eighty/eighty two .seventy four/.88 five.five/7.five 1.4/two. 1.eight
HMDT132S-four/2 1500/3000 one.four/5.nine three.five/eleven.68 80/83 .seventy four/.ninety one 5.5/seven.five one.3/1.nine one.eight
HMDT132M-4/two 1500/3000  2/eight 4.sixty five/15.29 83/85 .seventy seven/.ninety one five.five/seven.five 1.3/one.nine 1.eight
HMDT160M-4/2 1500/3000 two.8/12.5 6.fifty six/24.04 85/86 .75/.ninety one five.5/7.5 one.three/1.nine one.8
HMDT160L-4/2 1500/3000 three.8/16.five 8.sixty four/30.98 86/87 .seventy six/.91 five.five/seven.five 1.5/1.9 1.8
HMDT90S-eight/four 750/1500 .22/one. .92/2.forty four 57/73 .62/.eighty two five./7.5 one.5/1.nine one.8
HMDT90L-eight/four 750/1500 .3/1.3 1.18/3.ten 60/seventy five .sixty three/.eighty two 5./7.five 1.5/one.9 1.eight
HMDT100L1-eight/four 750/1500 .55/two. 2.07/4.68 sixty five/eighty .sixty one/.eighty 5./7.five 1.5/1.9 one.8
HMDT100L2-eight/4 750/1500 .65/two.four 2.37/5.forty eight sixty six/80 .sixty one/.eighty 5./7.5 1.5/1.nine 1.eight
HMDT112M-eight/four 750/1500 .nine/3.two 3.24/7.forty 71/eighty three .fifty nine/.78 5./seven.five 1.two/2. 1.eight
HMDT132S-eight/4 750/1500 three.68/nine.68 seventy five/84 .59/.eighty two 5./seven.five 1.two/two. 1.8
HMDT132M-8/four 750/1500 1.five/six.three four.eighty four/thirteen.thirteen seventy eight/eighty five .59/.83 5./7.five one.2/two. one.eight
HMDT160M-eight/4 750/1500 two./8.9 five.34/18.14 82/eighty five .67/.eighty five five./7.5 1.2/two. one.8
HMDT160L-8/four 750/1500 two.7/twelve six.nine/23.47 eighty four/86 .sixty seven/.86 five./seven.5 one.two/2. one.eight
HMDT180M-8/4 750/1500   four/16 ten.eighty three/31.seventy seven eighty four/88 .65/.eighty five five./7.5 1.2/2. one.8
HMDT180L-8/four 750/1500 5/19.5 13.32/38.fifty six eighty five/89 .sixty six/.eighty five five./7.five one.2/2. one.eight
HMDT200L-eight/4 750/1500 7.five/29 19.fifty seven/fifty six.eight 87/90 .sixty six/.eighty five 5./7.five one.two/2. 1.eight
HMDT225M-eight/4 750/1500 nine.5/forty 25.forty three/74.fifty seven 88/91 .64/.88 five./seven.5 1.three/2. one.8
HMDT250M-eight/four 750/1500 fourteen.five/52 36.ninety seven/97.29 88/ninety one .sixty six/.87 5./7.5 one.three/two. 1.eight
HMDT280S-eight/four 750/1500 seventeen/65 forty one.seventy three/122.seventy four 89/91 .sixty eight/.87 five./seven.5 1.three/two. one.eight
HMDT280M-8/4 750/1500 18.five/seventy five forty three.86/137.39 ninety/91 .70/.88 five./seven.five 1.three/two. one.eight
HMDT315S-8/four 750/1500 twenty five/ninety two fifty eight.seventy one/174.76 ninety/ninety one .70/.86 five./seven.five one.3/two. 1.eight
HMDT315M-8/four 750/1500 thirty/110 70.11/two.8026 91/92 .70/.86 five./7.five one.three/2. 1.eight
HMDT315L1-8/four 750/1500 36/one hundred thirty five 83.ninety nine/253.26 ninety one/92 .70/.87 five./7.five one.three/2. one.8
HMDT315L2-eight/4 750/1500 forty one/one hundred fifty five 94.72/287.97 91/ninety two .seventy one/.87 5./seven.five 1.3/2. 1.eight
HMDT90S-6/4 one thousand/1500 .32/one.1 one./two.86 66/seventy three .sixty six/.78 six./seven. one.6/1.8 one.eight
HMDT90L-6/four one thousand/1500 .45/1.4 1.forty three/3.43 70/seventy five .66/.81 6./seven. one.6/1.eight 1.8
HMDT100L1-six/four a thousand/1500 .seven/two.two 2.15/five.22 seventy three/80 .sixty six/.seventy nine six./seven. 1.six/one.eight one.8
HMDT100L2-six/four a thousand/1500 .9/2.five 2.86/five.ninety six 74/81 .sixty seven/.78 six./seven. 1.6/one.eight one.8
HMDT112M-six/four a thousand/1500 one.1/three.2 three.09/7.03 78/eighty two .sixty eight/.eighty two 6./7. 1.six/one.8 one.eight
HMDT132S-six/4 one thousand/1500 1.five/ 4.06/ten eighty one/eighty four .sixty eight/.83 six./seven. one.6/1.8 1.eight
HMDT132M-six/four 1000/1500 2.two/ one 83/eighty five .sixty nine/.eighty five 6./seven. 1.six/one.8 one.eight
HMDT160M-six/4 one thousand/1500 7.nine/19.3 eighty three/87 .sixty nine/.84 seven./7.5 one.6/1.eight 1.eight
HMDT160L-6/four a thousand/1500 4/12 10/24.36 eighty three/88 .69/.84 seven./7.5 1.6/1.eight one.eight
HMDT180M-six/4 a thousand/1500 eleven.5/29 eighty one/87 .seventy two/.eighty four 7./7.five one.6/one.eight 1.8
HMDT180L-6/4 a thousand/1500 6.two/18.five thirteen.85/34.three 81/87 .74/.eighty five 7./7.5 one.5/one.five 1.8
HMDT200L-six/four 1000/1500 eight.two 83/88 .77/.85 seven./seven.5 1.5/one.5 one.8
HMDT225S-6/4 a thousand/1500 11/33 eight.two/60.7 84/ninety nine .eighty four/.86 7./seven.5 one.five/1.five one.eight
HMDT225M-6/four one thousand/1500 thirteen/39 27.3/71.3 eighty five/ninety .85/.86 7./7.5 one.five/1.5 one.8
HMDT250M-six/4 1000/1500 16/forty seven 32.3/eighty four.two eighty five/ninety .87/.89 7./7.5 one.5/1.5 1.8
HMDT280S-six/four one thousand/1500 18.five/fifty five 37.three/ninety nine.six eighty five/90 .86/.88 7./seven.five 1.5/one.5 1.eight
HMDT280M1-6/4 one thousand/1500 twenty five/70 48.four/125 87/ninety one .87/.88 seven./seven.5 1.five/1.5 1.8
HMDT280M2-6/four 1000/1500 28/84 54.eight/150.six 87/91 .87/.88 7./7.5 one.five/1.5 one.eight
HMDT315S-six/4 a thousand/1500 32/ninety five sixty five.three/177.four 89/ninety one .79/.86 7./seven.five 1.5/one.five 1.8
HMDT315M-six/4 a thousand/1500 38/one hundred fifteen 77.nine/217.five ninety/ninety two .78/.86 7./seven.5 one.5/one.5 one.8
HMDT315L1-6/four one thousand/1500 45/a hundred thirty five 90.5/260 90/ninety two .80/.86 7./7.five 1.five/one.five 1.8
HMDT315L2-six/4 1000/1500 55/a hundred and sixty 113.four/294 91/ninety three .80/.86 7./seven.five one.5/1.5 one.8
HMDT90S-eight/six 750/1000 .twenty five/.sixty five one.22/two.24 fifty two/65 .58/.63 six./7. 1.six/1.eight one.8
HMDT90L-eight/6 750/a thousand .35/.80 1.58/2.87 56/67 .fifty eight/.sixty three six./7. 1.six/one.eight one.8
HMDT100L1-8/6 750/a thousand .55/1.thirty two.23/four.07 sixty two/seventy one .58/.sixty six 6./seven. 1.6/one.8 one.8
HMDT100L2-eight/six 750/one thousand .75/one.sixty 2.86/three.eleven 66/74 .59/.67 six./seven. 1.six/1.8 one.eight
HMDT112M-8/6 750/one thousand .9/two.twenty three.32/6. sixty eight/seventy seven .59/.70 6./seven. 1.six/one.8 one.8
HMDT132S-eight/six 750/a thousand one.20/2.60 4.05/6.85 73/seventy nine .sixty/.seventy one 6./seven. 1.6/1.8 one.8
HMDT132M1-8/6 750/1000 1.60/three.thirty five.26/seven.ninety six 76/eighty .sixty/.seventy six six./seven. 1.six/one.eight 1.8
HMDT132M2-eight/6 750/one thousand 2.twenty/4.50 7.02/10.ninety five seventy seven/eighty two .60/.75 six./7. one.6/1.8 one.8
HMDT160M-8/six 750/a thousand three.20/6.fifty nine.forty three/fourteen.84 eighty one/85 .61/.seventy six six./seven. 1.six/1.8 1.eight
HMDT160L-eight/six 750/1000 4.50/9. 12.97/twenty.21 82/86 .sixty two/.77 six./seven. 1.6/one.8 1.eight
HMDT180L-8/six 750/one thousand six.five/13. seventeen.seventy seven/29.07 81/86 .sixty five/.77 6./7. 1.5/one.5 1.8
HMDT200L1-eight/six 750/one thousand 8.5/seventeen 20.six/35.five 82/87 .sixty six/.eighty 6./7. one.5/one.five 1.eight
HMDT200L2-eight/6 750/one thousand 11/21 27.8/forty four.3 83/88 .68/.80 six./seven. 1.five/one.5 one.eight
HMDT225M-eight/6 750/1000 fifteen/thirty 32.2/sixty two.3 87/89 .78/.eighty three six./seven. 1.five/1.five one.eight
HMDT250M-eight/6 750/1000 18/37 38.5/ 87/ninety .eighty one/.86 6./7. 1.5/one.5 one.8
HMDT280S-8/6 750/a thousand 22/45 forty six.2/86.8 88/ninety .81/.86 six./seven. one.5/one.five 1.eight
HMDT280M1-eight/6 750/one thousand 28/55 57.two/ 89/91 .eighty one/.eighty two six./seven. one.5/one.five one.eight
HMDT280M2-8/six 750/a thousand 32/65 sixty six.6/122 89/91 .81/.eighty two 6./7. one.5/one.five 1.8
HMDT315S-8/six 750/a thousand 37/75 40.four/ ninety/91 .78/.84 six./seven. 1.5/one.5 one.8
HMDT315M-8/six 750/a thousand forty five/ninety 90.four/171.six 91/92 .80/.eighty five six./seven. one.five/one.5 1.8
HMDT315L1-eight/6 750/one thousand fifty five/a hundred and ten ninety one/92 .78/.eighty five six./seven. 1.five/one.5 1.8
HMDT315L2-eight/six 750/one thousand sixty six/132 137.4/252 ninety one/92 .seventy eight/.eighty five 6./7. 1.five/one.five one.8
HMDT112M-8/six/four 750/1000/1500 .six/.eight/two.3 2.74/3.sixteen/5.88 sixty one/sixty five/seventy nine .53/.57/.seventy three 4./6.5/seven.five 1.3/ one.eight
HMDT132S-eight/6/four 750/1000/1500 .eight/ 3.06/three.9/seven.14 sixty eight/seventy one/81 .57/.60/.seventy nine 4./six.5/seven.5 one.3/ one.eight
HMDT132M-eight/6/4 750/1000/1500 three.92/four.sixty six/nine.76 seventy two/seventy four/83 .57/.65/.eighty two 4./six.five/seven.five one.3/one.7/2. 1.8
HMDT160M-8/six/4 750/one thousand/1500 1.5/two.six/seven.5 four.seventy nine/7.33/fifteen.98 79/seventy nine/84 .fifty eight/.67/.82 4./6.5/7.five .ninety five/1.six/one.eight one.eight
HMDT160L-8/6/four 750/one thousand/1500 two./three.5/10.2 six.03/9.46/20.64 eighty one/81/86 .sixty/.sixty eight/.eighty five 4./6.5/7.5 .95/1.six/one.eight one.eight
HMDT180M-eight/six/4 750/one thousand/1500 two.6/four.five/thirteen 7.seventy two/10.62/24.22 80/80/86 .63/.80/.90 5.five/seven.five/8. .ninety five/1.six/1.eight 1.eight
HMDT180L-eight/6/4 750/1000/1500 three.three/six/sixteen nine.69/thirteen.fifty six/29.63 eighty one/eighty one/87 .sixty three/.eighty one/.90 5.5/7.5/8. .95/1.6/one.eight one.8
HMDT200L-8/six/4 750/1000/1500 4.5/8/22 13.23/seventeen.seventy five/40.fifty six eighty two/82/87 .sixty two/.82/.ninety five.five/7.5/8. .95/1.6/1.eight one.8
HMDT225S-8/six/4 750/1000/1500 5.5/ten/28 thirteen.forty three/ three.32 85/eighty three/89 .70/.eighty five/.88 5.five/7.5/8. 1.1/1.7/1.8 one.8
HMDT225M-8/six/four 750/one thousand/1500 7.five/twelve/34 seventeen.22/24.71/sixty three.eleven 87/83/90 .74/.86/.89 5.five/7.5/8. one.8
HMDT250M-8/six/four 750/a thousand/1500 10/fifteen.five/forty four 22.fifty eight/32.twelve/seventy eight.09 88/eighty five/90 .seventy five/.eighty five/.92 5.5/seven.five/eight. 1.8
HMDT280S-8/6/4 750/a thousand/1500 twelve/eighteen/fifty five 27.33/37./ninety eight.forty seven 88/eighty five/90 .seventy four/.eighty five/.92 five.5/seven.five/eight. one.8
HMDT280M-eight/six/four 750/a thousand/1500 fifteen/21/sixty six 32.79/forty two.fifty four/116.88 89/86/91 .seventy six/.86/.92 five.5/7.5/8. 1.1/1.7/one.eight 1.eight
HMDT315S-eight/six/four 750/1000/1500 19/27/75 forty three.eight/55.27/136.34 89/87/90 .73/.84/.ninety one 5.5/seven.five/eight. one.three/one.four/one.8 one.8
HMDT315M-8/6/4 750/one thousand/1500 22/32/ninety fifty.fifty six/sixty four.79/162 ninety/88/91 .seventy two/.84/.ninety one five.five/seven.five/eight. one.three/one.4/1.8 1.eight
HMDT315L1-8/six/4 750/one thousand/1500 28/40/115 62.47/seventy nine.73/204.23 90/88/91 .seventy four/.eighty five/.91 5.5/seven.five/8. 1.3/one.4/1.8 one.eight
HMDT315L2-8/6/4 750/1000/1500 35/fifty one/140 eighty.sixteen/one zero one.eighty three/253.sixty four 91/89/92 .72/.eighty four/.90 5.five/7.5/8. 1.3/one.4/1.eight one.eight

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Hmdt Series Three-Phase Multispeed Induction Motor


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