Jaguar Selective Wave Soldering Machine Customized PCB

Jaguar Selective Wave Soldering Machine Customized PCB

Selective wave soldering machine 
product variety:OS-400C(offline)

Perform method:
Manual put down plate—spray flux— pcb transfer to preheating— pcb selective soldering—get away pcb
1.Total purpose offline machine with modest occupation.
two.PCB moved, spray and soldering system mounted.
3.Substantial quality soldering.
four.Device could be positioned on a production line, simple to established up a new line.
5.Computer manage, parameters could be set and saved in the laptop. All info can be traced back again and keep.
Device detailed present:

Component one: Device software program technique
one. With entirely impartial Mental home rights of soldering software,combined with a lot of years selective soldering skill and encounter, based on the improvement of the Window software program operate, device will be much more straightforward to operate and good traceability.
2.the PCB scHangCZPT photos can be used for the path programming, the path to the starting level, the welding pace, idle motion velocity, peak of Z axis, wave peak, and so forth. can be established on the personal computer.

  1. the actual-time exhibit of welding procedure. Through the digital camera, the welding process can give the feedback to the machine exterior impartial screen.


  1. can be upgraded to just take MARK position positioning and the frequency of use.

Component 2: motion platform program:

  1. main motion system design with lightweight, boost the running speed and make sure the system rigidity.


  1. Panasonic servo driver and motor provided with power for the movement. grinding guide screw and linear guide make the direction so that with advantages positioning precision, minimal sounds, easy movement.

3.Movement platform with dust shield in purchase to prevent the grime drop into the guide screw.
Part 3: Spray Part

  1. Nozzle undertake Japanese origin spray nozzle with rewards of very good spray impact, not straightforward to blockage and ideal for various flux.

two. Flux use force tank storage manufactured confident the spary force stable. Reduce the undesirable influence by the amount of flux.n
Part four: Preheating Element
one. IR(infrared) heating, placement can be adjustable.
2.heating charge can adjust by the computer.
Component five: selective solder part
one.Solder pot temperature, Nitrogen temperature, wave top ect can be set by laptop.
two.Solder tank is manufactured of alloy. Exterior kind heating plate, uniform heat transfer.
3.solder pot adopt flexible connection wires, make positive no want to rewiring when we adjust yet another pot.
four.Nitrogen on-line heating devices ensure very good wettability and decrease oxide.
5.Solder pot is with liquid stage alarm method.
Component 6PCB place down and take out
1.Manual place down and get out 
2.PCB repair placement by the clamp unit
Component 7. Device Shell
1.The total metal structure, included the foundation board at the base in purchase to boost the stability and lessen the shaking.
2.Machine area use industrial paint.


Product Amount OS-400C
Device dimension L850mm X W1100mm X H1340mm
Overall power  5KW
Working power one-3kw
Weight 200kg
Air necessity three-five Bars eight-12L/min
Nitrogen prerequisite(alternative) 3-four bars in excess of 2/h
Nitrogen purity necessity(option) ninety nine.998%
Pumping air quantity demands five hundred-800cmb/h
Fixture and PCB
Fixture Can be used if essential
Fixture max measurement 420*420mm
Max soldering dimensions four hundred*400mm
PCB thickness .2-6mm
PCB board edge size Over 3mm
Control program and operation
Handle approach Computer
PCB place and just take manual
Operate peak 900±30mm
Element max height Up 50mm/ base 30mm
Motion system
Motion axis X Y Z
Movement control  Shut loop servo management
Motion motor Panasonic motor and servo
Position precision ±0.1mm
guide screw grinding lead screw
Rosin Flux Control
Spray Nozzle Japanese origin spray nozzle
Spray sturdiness Stainless metal
Flux potential 1L
Flux container stress tank
alcoholic beverages ability 1L
liquor container strain tank
Heating Component
Heating technique IR
Heating energy 3kw
Tempt. variety 25-240ºC
Solder pot portion
Solder pot quantity 1
Solder capability 15kg
Control system PID
Melting time 20-30mins
Max solder tempt.  350ºC
Solder pot electricity one.2kw
Solder Nozzle
Materials Alloy steel
CZPT Solder Nozzle 5pcs/pot(internal diameter:two.5mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm)
Nitrogen Manage(selection)
Heating Nitrogen CZPT
Nitrogen PID control -350ºC
Nitrogen Usage/solder nozzle 1solder nozzle

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Jaguar Selective Wave Soldering Machine Customized PCB


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